Artists, Canadians Everywhere Pay Tribute to Gord Downie

Canadian musicians and politicians share their memories of Gord Downie

Tributes to the late Gord Downie began rolling in via social media early Wednesday morning after The Tragically Hip confirmed the iconic frontman had passed Tuesday night. Musicians, music industry types, and Canadian politicians all chimed in to share their memories and photos of Downie.

Check out some of the tributes below.

Txt thread w my brother and sister this morn. We spent much of our childhoods living in different cities, but one thing that always connected us was Canadian music, and primarily The Hip. I have so many memories of my youth that are intrinsically tied to the sounds of Fully Completely and Day For Night. You’d think with over a year to prepare for this reality we’d all be in better shape about it. But I just dropped my kid off at preschool with red eyes, and all I hear in my head are Gord’s lilted deliveries of the lyrics that defined how it felt to be Canadian in the Canada I grew up in. I’m sad and thankful. I wouldn’t be me without Gord’s words sewn into my blood. Much love to a nation in grief and a newly orphaned music community. We will all cherish and miss you, Gord. Grace, too.

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The ultimate thug in perpetuity. Rest easy, Gord. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you.

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