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Artists prank Toronto landmarks with mock development proposals

Toronto’s Old City Hall will not be converted into a four-story parking garage, despite the arrival of sign on the historic landmark’s lawn indicating as much.

A pair of Toronto artists plopped a mock development proposal out front of the 117-year-old building depicting plans for a 90-story condo building towering about Old City Hall. It turns out it was all a goof.


A link on the sign leads to a Tumblr page showcasing a series of mock developments, including plans to connect a residential tower to Casa Loma and build a condo tower off the CN Tower’s observation deck.


We can assure you, this isn’t happening. It is the work of a pair of “urban interventionists” who go by the names Glo’erm and Tuggy.

“It is a piece of satire asking the public and the city to take a critical look at many of Toronto’s recent development projects, which show countless examples of condo towers being naively plopped on top of historic buildings as if this could preserve their elegance and our tie to their history, despite these additions,” Glo’erm told the Toronto Star in an email.

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