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At The Drive-In Reuniting in 2016

The much beloved post-hardcore band At The Drive-In just announced that they will be reuniting to play their first show together in four years. They’ll be getting together in May 2016 to play the Rock on the ‘Range Music Festival’ in Columbus, Ohio.

The band had previously reunited back in 2012, but their long-term intentions as a band were never that clear. And with the break-up of The Mars Volta in 2013, Cedric Bixler-Zavala (the frontman of both acts) hinted at the possibility of future plans with ATDI.

So far it’s unclear if this is a one-off reunion or if the band plans on doing even more. But if you’re a fan of At The Drive-In, it’s a glimmer of hope at least.

And if this post has got you feeling nostalgic, or in case you forgot just how absolutely insane At The Drive-In was live, here’s a classic tape of the band performing “Arc Arsenal” in Pamona, CA from way back in 2000.

Main photo by Shane Hirschman via flickr.

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