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Aurora shares uplifting new single ‘The Devil Is Human’

Norwegian pop star AURORA has shared a new single, “The Devil Is Human.”

The track was only available on the vinyl edition of her most recent record, The Gods We Can Touch, but now it’s gotten an official release. It’s an intimate, uplifting track about the power of women, despite the hardships women face.

“We get sexualized by the world, and yet shamed for being sexual,” Aurora explains. “They want to possess you and own you, and even decide what you get to do with your own body. We are not free until all of us are free.”

Listen to “The Devil Is Human” below.

“The world have tried for many years to burn women who were strong, who were brilliant, brave and free spirited,” Aurora adds. “The devil is human, or apparently the devil is a woman. You can burn the skin we live in, but you cannot burn the witch away. #ourbodyourchoice.”

Prior to “The Devil Is Human,” Aurora shared “The Woman I Am” back in April. The punchy tune comes from a special deluxe edition of her recent album, The Gods We Can Touch. “The Woman I Am” boasts danceable instrumentals and climbing vocal lines. With a catchy beat and pulsing synths, you’re sure to find yourself bopping along to this tune.

“This is an ode to feminine divinity,” Aurora explains of “The Woman I Am.” “It’s not always easy to find your place in this world made for men, as a woman. To find yourself. To learn that you are a source of life, of power, craft, thought and love. Not only a vessel.”

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