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Watch: AURORA speaks out about LGBTQ+ rights and mental health

AURORA has discussed the message behind her new album, A Different Kind Of Human (Step 2).

“It’s very big and very loud. I want people to feel pumped up by it. I want them to feel ready for battle,” AURORA said in an interview with NME. “I’m trying to empower everyone. I’ve always been a big supporter of people like me; the outsiders, the underdogs, the introverts. In many societies it’s the women, in some it’s the men, some the children, the animals, gay people. It can change from place to place, who is being suppressed.”

She continued by explaining that “it’s very hard to be a human and I want to empower everyone. I want to remind everyone that we have a lot to offer. There’s no use in feeling helpless or feeling small. You can offer the world a lot, and if everyone knew that then the world can be very wonderful.”

Watch the interview in full below!

The album’s lead single “The River” got lots of support online for its message about mental health.

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