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AURORA | Stiegl Hidden Studio Sessions

As a child, Aurora Aksnes, the Norwegian singer who goes by the mononym AURORA, once convinced her classmates that their school was overrun with talking mice. As an adult, she’s channeled her vivid imagination, unique charisma, and powerful voice to create music that has garnered her a worldwide, passionate fanbase in just a few years since her debut album was released in 2016.

Her debut album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend has already received over 500 million streams globally. She’s been described as the “mythical lovechild of Bjork and Grimes,” but her style is all her own.

She recently shared her latest single “Queendom,” her first release since her debut. She has described the new track as “a song where all that has been silent can sing, all that has been weak can fight back and all that has been suppressed can be seen. It’s a song about my own little world. My queendom. A place where I am the world, where the sun is a crown and sea waves are a gown. It’s a safe place. Small, but big enough to fit all the people in the world.”

She visited us in the Stiegl Hidden Studio to perform “Queendom,” as well as “Warrior” and “Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1).”

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