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Aurora wants to ‘give something to the people who had lost their love’ on new single ‘A Potion For Love’

Norwegian pop star Aurora is back with a new single, “A Potion For Love,” which was previously only available on the vinyl edition of Cure For Me.

Alongside the track, Aurora has also shared a performance video, which sees her playing the song live. With soft guitar lines and ambient melodies, “A Potion For Love” slowly builds into a powerhouse ballad with Aurora’s intoxicating vocal lines at the forefront. It’s an emotional tune that’s sure to move you, as Aurora singe of lost love, delivering lines like, “I don’t feel love anymore.”

“When I wrote ‘Exist For Love,’ a celebrations of the love we carry within us, I also wrote ‘Potion For Love,'” Aurora explains. “I wanted to also give something to the people who had lost their love. I find it so beautiful how we still find the bravery to give and receive love knowing how it can disappear at any moment. It makes it foolishly beautiful. Painfully delicious. So little connected to the mind and to logic that it makes my little heart want to burst.”

Listen to “A Potion For Love” below.


More from Aurora:

“A Potion For Love” follows Aurora’s recent single, “The Devil Is Human,” which was also only available on the vinyl edition of The Gods We Can Touch. It’s an intimate, uplifting track about the power of women, despite the hardships women face.

“We get sexualized by the world, and yet shamed for being sexual,” Aurora explains. “They want to possess you and own you, and even decide what you get to do with your own body. We are not free until all of us are free.”

Aurora is also collaborating with imaginative studio Sky: Children of the Light for a one-of-a-kind experience. The company is known for games like Journey, Flower, and Sky: Children of the LightJourney as a played and Sky as an artist showed me we share a similar perspective, and I am thrilled to be a bigger part of the Sky community.”

Check out a trailer for the collaboration below.

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