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Aurora’s new single ‘The Woman I Am’ is an ‘ode to feminine divinity’

Aurora has shared a new single called “The Woman I Am.”

The punchy tune comes from a special deluxe edition of her recent album, The Gods We Can Touch. “The Woman I Am” boasts danceable instrumentals and climbing vocal lines. With a catchy beat and pulsing synths, you’re sure to find yourself bopping along to this tune.

“This is an ode to feminine divinity,” Aurora explains of “The Woman I Am.” “It’s not always easy to find your place in this world made for men, as a woman. To find yourself. To learn that you are a source of life, of power, craft, thought and love. Not only a vessel.”

Listen to “The Woman I Am” below.

“You do not exist for the pleasure of others, you exist for yourself,” Aurora adds. “Even beyond your body, your beauty, your intellect and your accomplishments, there is a woman who is worthy of this world; believe in her. And know her worth with every breath you take. And then maybe one day the world will be in harmony. And balance. But only in the arms of equality.”

In addition to “The Woman I Am,” the forthcoming deluxe edition of the album features new singles like “Human Nature” and “The Devil is Human.”

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