Auston Matthews VS Glass

A glass shattering performance

Auston Matthews had his first day at Toronto Maple Leafs training camp, and his performance was, well, smashing. Goofing around while shooting pucks with Mitch Marner and defenceman Andrew Nielsen, Matthews accidentally shattered a pane of glass at the end of the rink.

“We were just messing around. It was me, [Mitch] Marner and [Andrew] Nielsen. We were the last guys on the ice and just taking shots,” Matthews told’s Kristen Shilton. “I missed the net and broke the glass. Lucky day for me I guess. It was a terrible shot too, it wasn’t even hard. But it just hit the right spot I guess and shattered the whole thing.”

Despite the whole seven-years-bad-luck superstition, Matthews is considering this a good omen- not that he really needs the luck. The 19-year-old is fresh off an incredible performance with Team North America at the World Cup.

Way to start things off with a bang!

Watch the full video here.