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Australia Opens the First Hangover Clinic just in Time for the Holidays

There’s a new hair-of-the-dog in town, well not in our town, but one can only hope.

Sydney, Australia has opened the very first hangover clinic, aptly named “Hangover Clinic” which offers those who had a few too many a speedy recovery through an IV drip, a vitamin cocktail, and some nausea or pain meds.

Kicking the hangover comes at a price though. Treatments range from $140 to $200 and last 30-60 minutes.

While many party-going Aussies are stoked on the Hangover Clinic’s opening, others aren’t so thrilled. “This encourages people to use alcohol in an entirely inappropriate way and it’s something the government should look at very, very carefully,” Michael Moore, chief executive of the Public Health Association of Australia, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Hangover Clinic co-founder Max Petro says that the accusation is unfair. “We don’t serve alcohol. We are not a pub. We encourage binge drinking as much as hospitals encourage people to get sick,” Petro told the newspaper.

The clinic also offers health and fitness boosters to help with jetlag, cold and flu, and sports recovery. Check out their website to learn more.

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