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Australian Slang with Vance Joy

According to Wikipedia, the national language of Australia is English. But anyone who has ever actually spoken to an Aussie knows that they have their own special version of the language that sounds completely familiar yet completely foreign at the same time. What does chockers mean? Mozzies? Bogan? I certainly don’t know.

Someone who does know though, is James Keogh. The Aussie otherwise known as Vance Joy sat down with Matt Hart to clarify some of the strange slang words of his homeland.


Matt Hart is most known for his musical work under the name The Russian Futurists. The Russian Futurists gained popularity with the 2000 album “The Method of Modern Love” which boasted celebrity fans such as R.E.M., Blur and the late Heath Ledger. Recently, Matt has shifted focus to broadcasting with host duties at CBC Radio and now at Indie88.

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