Authentic Thai Street Food Comes to Toronto

Today on 'Totally Toronto' with Candice

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Si Lom Thai Bistro

One of the best things about Toronto is how multicultural it is. That means you can get authentic dishes from pretty much anywhere in the world. I recently checked out Si Lom Thai Bistro on Church Street. They have all the Thai food that you have grown to love along with more authentic dishes like Tum Paa. Listen to Si Lom Thai Bistro on ‘Totally Toronto’ here:



Shakespeare in the Park

Check out Shakespeare in High Park. You and the raccoons can enjoy King Lear and the Twelfth Night. It’s pay what you can and the show starts at 8pm.


House of VR

You only have a few days left to check out the Prosthetic Reality exhibit at the House of VR. “Prosthetic Reality is our first augmented reality art show in Toronto,” says Jonah Brotman, owner of House of VR. “Guests will animate visuals and sounds from each art piece through a mobile app called Eyejack. The experience is really mind-blowing.”


Bill Nye at Yorkdale

And finally, Bill Nye “the science guy” will be signing books at the Yorkdale Mall Indigo.


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