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Ever Looked For Axe Throwing In Toronto? Here Are 5 Incredible Options

Toronto Has An Amazing Variety Of Axe Throwing Spots

The latest trend in dating, anxiety reduction, and church outings is axe throwing. This fascinating sport is a powerful way to connect on a primal nature with people you might need to break the ice with. It’s also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. If you’re looking for a neat place to have a date, or to work through some issues, here’s a list of the best axe throwing Toronto has to offer.

The Best Axe Throwing In Toronto (Top 5 Picks)

It’s fun, fascinating, and a little bit rough around the edges. Axe throwing as a sport and pass-time is becoming more and more popular. Check out these places and see why this sport is all the rage with hipsters and families alike!

Bad Axe Throwing

axe throwing toronto
Image: @brettjubinville on Instagram

Located in Burlington, just an hour outside of Toronto, Bad Axe Throwing isn’t all bad. In fact, they’re really good at providing a super memorable time for you and your friends or fam.

The atmosphere is laid back and friendly. In fact, you can even bring your own food and drinks while you throw axes at targets, crank some tunes, and hang out with your people.

BATL Grounds

axe throwing toronto
Image: @papershadow on Instagram

Located at 33 Villiers St. in Toronto, Batl Axe Throwing guides you through the act of throwing your axe in a really friendly way. Whether you’ve been throwing axes for awhile, or it’s your very first time, their coaches can meet all levels of ax-pertise. As far as axe throwing goes, Toronto’s lucky to have Batl Axe.

Far Shot

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Image: @theblackwolfsmokehouse on Instagram

Monday is axe throwing day at Far Shot, Ontario; get $5 off of this adventurous sport and have a blast while you’re at it. Located at 400 Townline #6 in Orangeville, this family-oriented spot is a great place to go with a group. The teachers are patient and kind, and they really nerd out on the art of axe throwing. Far Shot is a great experience all around.

Rage Axe Throwing

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Image: @rageaxethrowing on Instagram

Rage Axe Throwing is actually in Montreal, but we thought we’d throw it in here because they’re really awesome. They’ll help you boost your activity, and show you the best technique to have your axe land close to the target. They promote healthy ways of releasing anger, and invite beginners and athletes to come and release some tension at their facility.

Riot Axe

axe throwing toronto
Image: @riot_axe on Instagram

Riot Axe is aptly named, because when you go there in a group, you have a full on riot. You can book a private event for groups with a minimum of six and a maximum of 28 people. They’ll review all safety rules with you, and then set you free to hit that target! Spectators come for free if axe throwing isn’t your thing.


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