Baboon Brawl at the Toronto Zoo causes closure

Real life game of thrones

A power struggle in the Toronto Zoo resulted in a temporary closure of the baboon exhibit as The Canadian Press Reports.

Women baboons run their societies both in the wild and in captivity. And last year, when the matriarchal baboon Boss Lady died, tension rose as the animals struggled to replace her spot as the tribe head.

No this is not the plot of Game of Thrones, this is real life.

As Toronto Zoo animal curator Maria Franke explained,”there were some injuries that we thought best to keep them at the back because our visiting public don’t know baboon behavior,” in light of a recent fight that broke out leaving two critically injured.

“You have to let their natural behaviour happen,” Franke continued. “They have to sort it out. In the wild, a lot of times it’s to the death.” Though no baboon has died in captivity at the Zoo.

Recent fights left some of the animals with severe injuries, namely Boss Lady’s eldest daughter Molly. She suffered injuries such lacerations right above her eye. The injury left her with a swollen eye and exposed bone, requiring stitches. The throne technically belongs to Molly, as it does in their societies, which are passed down through dominant’s bloodlines. Incredibly, Molly is sharing the throne (so to speak) with the tribe’s eldest baboon Putsie.

Fighting has temporarily halted since the animals were briefly separated.

In lighter news, the Toronto Zoo shared a video this weekend of the adorable infant Giant Panda cubs who have grown into bigger sized incubators.

Main image courtesy Dennis Jarvis via Flickr