Backxwash details forthcoming album featuring Sad13, clipping., more

'I Lie Here Buried' is set for release on May 28

Backxwash has announced I Lie Here Buried, the follow-up to her Polaris Music Prize-winning sophomore album, God Has Nothing to Do with This Leave Him Out of It.

I Lie Here Buried, which is set for release on May 28th, will feature some big-name guests like Nowhere2Run, clipping., Sad13, Lauren Bousfield, Devi McCallion, and Ada Rook. “This album is less metal and more industrial so very excited for y’all to listen,” Backxwash tweeted of the collection.

The new album is set to be “a horror anthology,” Backxwash explained at a press conference after her Polaris win last fall. “Each track is going to depict different characters, inspired by real characters in my life. I’m producing it all. It’s going to be gothic, there’s going to be tribal chants in there as well. There’s going to be a few rock samples.”

Check out Backxwash’s tweets about the album, and the tracklist for I Lie Here Buried below.