Bad Child | Indie88 Black Box Sessions

Bad Child performs "Bad Child" and "Desert Island Lover" live at Indie88 in the Black Box studio.

After his mother passed away, Bad Child found solace by producing his own music at home using his father’s computer and a bootleg copy of FruityLoops. “I’d spend hours making beats,” he explains, “I couldn’t stop creating. I didn’t start singing until after my mother’s death, it was the only way I could unpack my emotions.”

He wrote and produced his first song “BADCHILD” in three days, before moving to Toronto to pursue a music career. “I moved to Toronto not knowing anyone, just on a gut instinct. I lived out of an old rehearsal space with a hot plate and an air mattress. BADCHILD took on a different meaning to me. It was about finding redemption in my failures. BADCHILD is about not being good enough, not living up to expectations, it’s about trying to be a better person.”

Watch Bad Child perform that track, plus “Desert Island Lover,” live at Indie88 in the Black Box studio.