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5 Best Baking Classes In Toronto [All Levels]

Toronto Is Full Of Amazing Bakeries That Love To Teach

Have you ever thought of learning the fine art of baking? We sure have. It would be amazing to make warm crumpets for your family. Maybe even some creative muffins or cookies for your kids’ birthday parties. Or… perhaps dive into the pinnacle of baking: a fancy cake! The best baking classes Toronto has to offer will help you get started right away, so let’s get after it.

The 5 Best Baking Classes In Toronto

baking classes toronto
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Regardless where you begin with baking classes in Toronto, remember that the key is to get started. It’ll take you a bit to catch on, but once you’re rolling… you’re rolling.

So with no further delay let’s get rolling… to The Rolling Pin and all of these amazing baking courses featured in Toronto.

1) The Rolling Pin

baking classes toronto
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If baking is your hobby, then The Rolling Pin has just the class for you: cake baking! This delightful bakery has been teaching students throughout Canada for over five years. Whether it’s donuts, cakes, cookies, or even dry cakes, they’ll help you learn all the classic bakery recipes.

The Rolling Pin has professional bakers who’ve spent years baking and taking lots of continuing education. Whether you want classes to make your own baked goods or you’re building your career as a baker, they’ve got you covered.

2) Le Dolci

baking classes toronto
Image: @ledolci on Instagram

Le Dolci Culinary Classroom hosts over 15 culinary classes virtually, as well as online. Their wonderful studio hosts private parties, film shoots, and even corporate team building events. Or, you can join them for some of the best bachelorette, bridal shower, and kids’ birthday parties in the city!

This bakery originated in the U.K., and they bring that European flair to their classes. Don’t miss out!

3) Madame Gateaux

baking classes toronto
Image: @madamegateauxathens on Instagram

Madame Gateaus is a specialty store for pastry chefs and bakers. They sell supplies for all types of different baked goods, and stock over 2,000 products for baking!

The baking workshops at Madame Gateaux are hands-on, from scratch. They’ll guide you from prep all the way to a finished product. The chefs on hand will work with you, regardless of your level, and you’ll be using the best tools in the industry.

You also get a sweet discount on their shop when you complete a workshop. You can make ice cream cookies, buttercream dog cakes, bubble tea cakes, and so much more.

Go here to learn more!

4) Jellybean Cake

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Image: @jellybean_cake_ on Instagram

Jellybean Cake prides itself on sourcing the freshest local ingredients for their baked goods. They have organic flour, organic Canadian milk, free range eggs, and organic gelatine.

You can make some truly beautiful creations at their baking classes too! From gluten free delights to a sophisticated Earl Grey chiffon cake, they’ll help you make an assortment of super high-quality baked goods. As far as baking classes Toronto, theirs are among the best!

Go here to book a class!

5) New Pie Co.

baking classes toronto
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The New Pie Co. sells handcrafted pies, and they’ll also show you how to bake your own. You can learn how to do cinnamon buns or cardamom buns. They’ll also teach you to make yeasted breads, and focaccia. To top it off, you can learn their industry secrets and make an expert caramel apple pie. Now that is an applied skill you’ll be appreciated for by family and friends for the rest of your life!

Enjoy your baking adventures all around Toronto!

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