Bandcamp launches vinyl-pressing service for musicians

The process will require no up-front investment

On Wednesday, Bandcamp revealed that the sale of vinyl on the site has grown by 600 per cent over the last five years, with approximately 3,500 unique records being added every month. As a result, the company has launched a new vinyl pressing service.

Many artists face challenges when hoping to press vinyl, as it’s costly, time-consuming, and a confusing task for first-time vinyl pressers. Due to these difficulties, only about 9 per cent of albums on the site in 2018 offered up a vinyl edition.

“Vinyl’s growth on Bandcamp and industry-wide has been amazing and something to celebrate,” Bandcamp chief operating officer Josh Kim explains, according to Billboard. “Still, there are many artists who want to press vinyl but don’t because of these various challenges. We think this is unfortunate, both for fans who would enthusiastically collect these artists’ records and for the artists who are leaving potential sales on the table.”

Soon artists on Bandcamp will be able to create a vinyl campaign where they take orders with no up-front investment. Once they reach a minimum goal of orders, Bandcamp presses the vinyl, prints the packaging, and ships them out to fans after artists decide on the design and price. Additionally, Bandcamp takes no ownership of the vinyl.

The service is not available yet, but Bandcamp has launched pilot campaigns with a variety of artists like jazz trumpeter Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, video game composer Jim Guthrie, Australian black metal artist Mesarthim, and French guitarist Juliette Jade.