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Quebec Bandits Succeed In Stealing $500K of Beer and Snacks

Last month $500,000 worth of goods were stolen from a warehouse on Montreal’s South Shore, in Boucherville.

Bandits stole 20,000 cases of beer, Jack Link’s brand pepperoni and dried beef in an overnight heist on March 12th. So the question is, have you seen anyone with an unusually large amount of beer or snacks? If so, the police of Longueuil, Quebec, want to know.

One might wonder, how does someone get away with stealing $500K worth of beer and snacks? According to sources, it was reported that the goods were loaded into the three stolen delivery trucks at the site, after the alarm and surveillance cameras were disabled. Later, the trucks were found empty and abandoned in Montreal.

The police are unsure how many thieves were involved, “All we know is during the night, the suspects came a couple of time to this building using the trucks, and they emptied the warehouse that way,” said Cmdr. Jean-Pierre Voutsinos.

The police are now asking for the public’s help to find the suspects, as Voutsinos stated they “just started receiving calls that this beer is being distributed,”

As the suspects have a lot of beer and snacks to sell, the police believe the bandits are likely to approach businesses in Ontario and Quebec.

Police are also reminding people that those who buy stolen property can be fined. Anyone with information regarding the suspects or stolen goods or is requested to call police at 450-463-7211.

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