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Basia Bulat reimagines past songs on new album ‘The Garden,’ shares title track

Basia Bulat is back to announce The Garden, a new album made up of string quartet reimaginings of past songs. To preview the collection, she’s shared the album’s title track.

Out on February 25th via Street City Records, Basia Bulat shared string quartet versions of 16 tracks from her discography. Bulat is no stranger to string instruments, but this forthcoming collection really leans into that ethereal sound. The Garden is full of string arrangements from composers Owen Pallet, Paul Frith, and Zou Zou Robidoux.

Today’s title track stays pretty true to the original, but thrives with a fuller sound. It features new cello from Robidoux and bass from Ben Whiteley. Violinists John Corban and Tomo Newton add a cinematic twist to the tune.

Listen to “The Garden (The Garden Version)” below.

“This past year, I let myself slow down, dig in the dirt, take root, and look at what memories and melodies came springing back to me in the garden after many years on the road,” Basia Bulat explains. “When I wrote ‘The Garden’ [in 2016], I was in a distorted state of mind, and it took my hand and calmed me. ‘We won’t look back, and if we don’t, we won’t be lost.’ It told me to breathe into the present moment and look toward the future, and during this past year of stillness and reflection, it reminded me to do that again, like a meditation.”

According to a press release, The Garden allowed Basia Bulat to revisit songs whose meanings have changed over time. “I sing the songs differently now,” she explains. “It’s the gift of time.”

Basia Bulat co-produced The Garden with Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Beirut).

Check out the tracklist for The Garden below.

The Garden Tracklist:

01 – “The Garden”
02 – “Infamous”
03 – “Heart of My Own”
04 – “The Shore”
05 – “I Was a Daughter”
06 – “Go On”
07 – “Tall Tall Shadow”
08 – “The Pilgriming Vine”
09 – “Windflowers”
10 – “Fables”
11 – “Already Forgiven”
12 – “Love is at the End of the World”
13 – “Lupins”
14 – “In the Name Of”
15 – “Are You in Love?
16 – “Good Advice”

“Gardens evolve and change and are always growing,” Basia Bulat continues. “In my garden, the plants return, some pruned back, some overgrown, but they are never exactly the same as the year before.”

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