Batter Up: Indie88 Announcers Choose Their Walk-Up Songs

We'll never make it to the bigs, but we can dream

The 2015-2016 Toronto Blue Jays season is here! Every time I go to a game with some friends we have the same discussion: “What would your batting song be?”. I asked all the Indie88 announcers what song they’d want to hear before cranking out a dinger. Here’s what they said.

What would your batting song be? Tell us in the comments at the bottom.

BRENT: Friends Theme Song


BRIAN: Jay Z ft. Kanye – “Monster”


MATT: The Guess Who – “Clap For The Wolfman”


CANDICE: Hall & Oates – “You Make My Dreams Come True”


CARLIN: The All American Rejects – “Swing, Swing”


RAINA: DMX – “Get It On The Floor”


BOOKIE: The Beach Boys – “Good Vibrations”


JOE: Death From Abouve 1979 – “Turn it Out”


(Photo by James G via Flickr Creative Commons)