BBC Interview Interrupted by Toddler Takeover

Extremely awkward and mildly stressful

You know those times you really just wished you’d locked the door? We’re 100% sure Robert Kelly regrets his open door policy during his live interview with the BBC.

Professor Robert Kelly is an expert on Korea and Political Science. He was brought on the BBC for a Skype interview to discuss the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye.

A few seconds into the Skype interview (which was totally live on national TV), a mini Robert Kelly makes her way into the frame, sucking on a marker and having absolutely no clue what’s going on. Robert attempts to push his little one behind him but she was more interested in hanging out on the bed which was absolutely in the frame. To make things better, a literal baby on wheels rolls through the door in some sort of rolling chair contraption. At this point in the interview, everyone’s focus has shifted from the Korean government to watching this awkward toddler takeover take place.

The most amusing thing about this whole situation is the fact that Robert never attempted in the slightest to stand up and remove the children from the room, not even a head move or slight look back, his approach to ignore the situation seemed to only make things more awkward.

Maybe Robert couldn’t stand up due to his lack of pants? You never know. So, there’s a baby on wheels, toddler munching a marker and now a woman appears through the door. She scrambles in and low key snags the out of place children, of course, the baby gets bumped into the now shut door and eventually, they leave the room. “My apologies” is really the only thing Robert said during this entire interview fail. Sure, the interview definitely didn’t go as planned, but hey, it’s gone viral.

Good work Robert Kelly babies, we appreciate your efforts.

Take a peek at the cutest interview interruption below!