BC Man Pulled Over After Trying to Clear Snow with a Zamboni

Local farmer happened to have a zamboni handy after a heavy snowfall

Marko Kardum, a Vancouver Island farmer, purchased a Zamboni for 300 bones a few months back and decided to make an attempt at clearing the snow off a local road with it.

The Zamboni didn’t get far, however, with police catching up on its 10 km/hour trail. Kardum told BBC news that he was trying to ready the road for his aunt, who had to leave early the next morning.

“I was just cleaning up the road to get to my aunt’s house to make it safe for her in the morning to drive out,” said Kardum. “I guess someone thought we were trying to make a rink on the road and called it in to the police.”

The police, who had probably never pulled over a Zamboni before, asked Kardum to return the Zamboni to the farm.

“I would’ve kept going if we never got pulled over,” Kardum told CTV News Vancouver Island. “I would’ve had the whole driveway or roads cleaned up.”

Only in Canada.

Photo courtesy Michael Pereckas via Flickr.