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Beabadoobee’s new single ’10:36′ is all about needing human contact to get to sleep

Beeabadoobee is back with another new single, “10:36.”

The track comes from her forthcoming album, Beatopia, out July 15th via Dirty Hit. Ultimately, “10:36” is all about Beabadoobee’s need for human contact to fall asleep, as she sings lines like, “You’re just a warm body to hold/ At night when I’m feeling all alone.” With gritty guitars and catchy, bubbly vocals, the new tune feels like an early aughts pop-rock anthem.

“’10:36′ was written after Fake It Flowers and just before Our Extended Play, and I had envisioned it to be on that EP, but I was just sitting on that riff for ages and then I properly made a demo during lockdown,” Beabadoobee explains. “It was called ’10:36′ because that was the time I finished writing it. It’s basically about how I have this weird dependency on human contact to sleep.”

Listen to “10:36” below.

Beatopia marks the follow-up to beabadoobee’s debut album, Fake It Flowers, and her follow-up EP, Our Extended Play.

In addition to “10:36,” Beatopia features previously released singles “just another love song,” “See You Soon,” and “Talk.”

Pre-order Beatopia here or check out the tracklist below.

Beatopia Tracklist:

01 – “Beatopia Cultsong”
02 – “10:36”
03 – “Sunny Day”
04 – “See you Soon”
05 – “Ripples”
06 – “the perfect pair”
07 – “broken cd”
08 – “Talk”
09 – “Lovesong”
10 – “Pictures of Us”
11 – “fairy song”
12 – “Don’t get the deal”
13 – “tinkerbell is overrated (feat. PinkPantheress)”
14 – “You’re here that’s the thing”

Upon the release of “Talk,” beabadoobee explained:

“I wrote ‘Talk’ just after my first album. I was obsessed with Tuesday because I thought it was the best night to go out, not too much chaos but just enough to have a good time. Generally, it’s about doing things that aren’t necessarily healthy or great for you, but you can’t help indulging. It’s like that unavoidable feeling that you get. You can’t get rid of it, and you know it’s bad, but you love it really, and it’s whatever, so you do it anyways.”

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