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Beach House share final preview of ‘Once Twice Melody,’ ‘Hurts To Love’

Beach House are back with a new single, “Hurts To Love.”

The Baltimore dream pop outfit are readying the release of Once Twice Melody on Friday (February 18th), and today’s single is the final preview of the album. “Hurts To Love” is the first song from the album that they’ve released individually. The other previews of the album were released in four chunks.

The track is a bit of a different sound for Beach House, so it makes sense that it’s getting its own release. “Hurts To Love” sees Beach House taking their synthpop sounds and adding in clinking, goofy keys and drenching the rest in reverb.

Listen to “Hurts To Love” below.

Once Twice Melody is Beach House’s forthcoming full-length album. It’s not only their first album in four years, following 2018’s 7, but it’s also the first record produced by Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally themselves.

In addition to “Hurts To Love,” Once Twice Melody features a whole slew of singles from Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3. Some of those songs include “Superstar,” “Pink Funeral,” “Over and Over,” and “Another Go Around.”

The forthcoming album marks the first record Beach House produced entirely themselves. It also features a live string ensemble and arrangements from Dave Campbell. Alan Moulder mixed the album with Caesar Edmunds, Trevor Spencer, and Dave Fridmann.

Check out the tracklist for Once Twice Melody below.

Once Twice Melody Tracklist:

01 – “Once Twice Melody”
02 – “Superstar”
03 – “Pink Funeral”
04 – “Through Me”
05 – “Runaway”
06 – “ESP”
07 – “New Romance”
08 – “Over and Over”
09 – “Sunset”
10 – “Only You Know”
11 – “Another Go Around”
12 – “Masquerade”
13 – “Illusion of Forever”
14 – “Finale”
15 – “The Bells”
16 – “Hurts to Love”
17 – “Many Nights”
18 – “Modern Love Stories”

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