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Beach House share four new tracks for ‘Once Twice Melody: Chapter 2’

Beach House are back with four new tracks for Once Twice Melody: Chapter 2.

Just last month, the dream pop duo returned with their first new music in four years. Now they’re back with even more. Once Twice Melody: Chapter 2 serves as the second installment of their forthcoming double album, Once Twice Melody, out on February 18th, 2022 via Sub Pop. The album is broken up into four chapters.

Once Twice Melody: Chapter 2 gives a more concrete preview of the full album. Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally explore new sounds on this collection. “Runaway” revolve around pulsing keys and “ESP” is an acoustic guitar-based tune. “New Romance,” on the other hand, is a light, shimmering tune. “Over and Over” is an expansive, seven minute tune.

Listen to Once Twice Melody: Chapter 2 alongside the first four songs below.

Once Twice Melody will be released in chapters leading up to its release date. Made up of 18 tracks, the new album is sure to be stacked with all the dream pop you could ever ask for.

While we already got Once Twice Melody: Chapter 2 today, Chapter Three is out on January 19th. The full album drops on February 18th.

The forthcoming album marks the first record Beach House produced entirely themselves. It also features a live string ensemble and arrangements from Dave Campbell. Alan Moulder mixed the album with Caesar Edmunds, Trevor Spencer, and Dave Fridmann.

Just like Once Twice Melody: Chapter 2, Chapter 1 was a pretty diverse collection as well. The Baltimore duo’s first four tunes from the album channel their quintessential celestial sound.

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