Beck reveals he’s afraid most of his music was destroyed in 2008 Universal Music fire

Apparently Beck's released music only accounts for 10% of what he's recorded

Beck has revealed that he worries that most of his music may have been destroyed in the 2008 Universal Music fire.

Earlier this year, The New York Times revealed that master recordings from some of the biggest artists in music were destroyed in the blaze, which took place in June of 2008. Beck was one of many artists affected by the fire, but in a new interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Beck says that he thinks the damage may be far worse than what was initially reported.

The musician, who just released his new album Hyperspace, reveals that his management “still won’t tell me what was lost.” Beck even went on to say that he has “a feeling that my management is not telling me because they can’t bear to break the news.”

Since the start of his music career, Beck has released more than a dozen studio albums, but these releases represent only about 10% of what he’s recorded, while the other 90% may have been lost in the fire. One project that may be lost forever is an entire “album like Sea Change.” “There are completely different versions of songs and then there’s probably another 10 to 20 songs that aren’t on the record that [were] in progress,” Beck explains. “Things that I thought I would finish later.”

Beck also may have lost a double solo album full of Hank Williams songs, a country album recorded in just two days, an expansive repertoire of straightforward indie rock songs, and more.