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Beer Growlers and Craft Beer Sampling Coming to LCBO

Soon The LCBO next to Summerhill station will implement a Growler station and a craft beer tasting area, according to a press release made by the company.

If you don’t know, Growlers are bigger glass containers of about two liters, meant for refilling with beer from a tap. That means FRESH beer. The beer dispensing station / craft beer section will be the new centerpiece attraction in the store, aptly named the “Destination Craft Beer Zone”.

Starting with three taps, depending on how successful the program is, more will be added. “The selection at the growler station will rotate frequently and will only feature beers that are not available in packaged goods,” says Leanne Rhee, the stores category manager. Customers will also be able to test out the beers on tap.

The concept would be implicated into more stores where craft beer sales are popular, said the press release, if Summerhill is successful.

Let’s make this popular and help out Toronto’s local craft beer companies! Plus, FRESH BEER.

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