Before They Were Famous: 5 Bands Who Started as Backing Bands

St. Vincent, Danielle Haim, Whitehorse, Jason Collett & Bahamas all emerged from the shadows

Before these bands defined themselves as who they are today, they could be found backing some of our other favourite musicians.

Before St. Vincent released her first full length solo record she played in Sufjan Stevens touring band.


Danielle Haim from HAIM played guitar and percussion in Julian Casablancas’ band when he was touring his Phrazes for the Young record. She was originally drumming and then playing guitar in Jenny Lewis’s band until Julian Casablancas saw one of those shows and asked her to join his band.


Whitehorse is a Hamilton band made up of the husband wife duo Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland. When Luke Doucet was only 19 years old, he moved to Vancouver and was the long time lead guitarist of Sarah McLachlan’s band.


Jason Collett is a member of Broken Social Scene and he has also put out 7 solo records. When he tours, fellow Toronto bands Zeus and Bahamas play as his backing band.


Bahamas (Afie Juvarnen) was also part of Feist’s touring band. He played guitar on a song on her The Reminder album and is featured in the documentary Look at What the Light Did Now that focuses on the recording of that album.