Before You Knew Them pt. 2

Before your favourite indie artists' main gig

Sometimes artists strike gold right away, seemingly coming out of nowhere with that undeniable hit record. Other times it’s a process, artists learn from mentors or find their sounds playing in various bands. These artists have all stepped out of the shadows or finally found that right lineup and are bonafide indie sensations.

Here is what they did before you knew them (and check out part 1 here):

Brandon Flowers / Blush Response

Before he went solo, Brandon Flowers was responsible for lead vocals for a little band called The Killers. Maybe you’ve heard of them? You might not have known that before The Killers there was a band called Blush Response. Flowers was actually fired from that band. They’re probably kicking themselves now.


Mumford & Sons / Laura Marling

Mumford & Sons began their musical career touring with folk singer Laura Marling. How about that for a backing band?


Jay McCarrol (Brave Shores) / Hayden

½ of one of TO’s best, Brave Shores has been around some talented company for a while and with Brave Shores, Jay McCarrol and sibling/band mate Stefanie are finding even more success.


Jack Antonoff (Bleachers) / Fun. / Steel Train

Bleachers took off, but it wasn’t Jack’s first time in the spotlight. His earlier project Fun. was an overnight hit with their second album Some Nights, but even before that, Antonoff was on the grind with a must-listen-to band by the name of Steel Train.


Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend) / The Sophisticuffs

Before Vampire Weekend fame, Ezra Koenig was making some experimental tracks with Ra Ra Riot frontman Wes Miles. Great handle too.



Lauren Mayberry pre Chrvrches. Enjoy.


Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys)/ The Barnburners / The Fast Five

Before The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach was in a blues based band called the Barnburners.

(Photo by Juan Bendana via Wikimedia Commons)