Bell is Promising to Bring the World’s Fastest Internet to Toronto

How fast do you like your internet

This summer Bell Canada will be introducing Gigabit Fibe, a service that will provide 1.1 million Toronto homes and businesses with the fastest internet on the planet.

How fast is fast, you might ask? Right now, if you’re running on their current Fibe service, it peaks out at around 175 megabits per second, — if you’re lucky. Gigabit Fibe however can reach speeds of up to 940 megabits per second. To put that in perspective, 940 MB/s speed lets you download an entire full HD movie within a couple seconds. You could probably download the entire Sopranos series in a matter of minutes.

Aside from the obvious benefits to our city, this is huge news for Canada. We’ve been consistently ranked as one of the lowest of the G8 countries in regards to internet speeds. In addition, Bell is promising 2,400 jobs to come out of introducing the new system.

Bell Canada CEO George Cope believes this will bring huge economic benefits and solidify Toronto as an innovative city. “Gigabit Fibe is a revolutionary broadband communications service that puts Toronto out front as a world-class Smart City”.

Let’s hope they can deliver.

(Photo courtesy of Barta IV.)