Bell reveals that ‘extremely high volume’ of viewers has created ‘Game of Thrones’ streaming problems on Crave

Bell responds after fans took to Twitter to complain about the stream

If you tried to watch the third episode of season eight of Game of Thrones through Bell’s Crave service on Sunday, you probably had a hard time due to the blurry, low-quality stream.

Users appeared to experience issues whether they were watching the live HBO channel or the on-demand version of the episode.

Episode three wasn’t the first instance of streaming issues for Game of Thrones Season 8, as the first two episodes of the show also resulted in complaints from fans.

“Due to an extremely high volume of customers accessing Game of Thrones on Sunday night on and the Crave app, some users experienced a short outage and, at times, a lower bitrate stream,” Bell released in a statement, according to Mobile Syrup. “Service was quickly restored and users were able to resume watching within minutes.”