Belle and Sebastian Leave Drummer in a North Dakota Walmart

"None of us will ever dare get off the bus again"

In a Home Alone-style turn of events, Scottish band Belle and Sebastian left their drummer, Richard Colburn, in a North Dakota Walmart as they made the 500 mile journey to St. Paul, Minnesota.  Without a phone, wallet, and dressed in pyjamas, Colburn waited for more than four hours at the Walmart before checking into a hotel for the night.

Upon realizing their mistake, frontman Stuart Murdoch called on fans for help via Twitter,

Much to the relief of band members and Minnesota fans alike, the pyjama-clad drummer was able to jump on a flight from Bismark to St. Paul, arriving in time to play the show that evening.

After the fiasco was over the band took precautions for future pit stops as they continue on their US tour.