Belle Game Shares Video for New Single ‘Spirit’

New video tells the story of a Well of Death stunt driver in India

Vancouver’s Belle Game has released their first single off of their upcoming album Fear/Nothing, which is set to release on September 8.

The single is called “Spirit,” and the music video explores the life of a woman in India who works as a Well of Death stunt driver. Her name is Esther, and the video shows her looping around vertical walls within a giant barrel while doing stunts on a motorcycle.

The Well of Death is traditionally a barrel-shaped wooden cylinder about 20-36 ft in diameter. Motorcyclists drive along the vertical wall of the cylinder while performing stunts. The video was directed by Kheaven Lewandowski and filmed in Rajasthan. It was inspired by a documentary that the band had seen about a woman Well of Death rider in India.

“When we agreed to make a video for ‘Spirit,’ I was determined to pursue this concept,” said Lewandowski. “I wanted to understand more about the factors that might drive someone to risk their life so boldly in this line of work and offer others a glimpse into this world.”

Watch the video for “Spirit” below.

Spirit by Belle Game on VEVO.