Ben Foster Took Performance Enhancing Drugs for Lance Armstong Biopic

Co-star Chris O'Dowd says it was "really smart"

In an interview with The Guardian about his upcoming Lance Armstrong biopic, Ben Foster nonchalantly admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs to better understand the character he was playing.

His co-star Chris O’Dowd, who plays David Walsh, the Sunday Times reporter who broke the news about Armstrong’s drug use responded in an interview with the BBC by saying “I think that’s a really smart thing and makes sense.” He went on, “I think if you have to take drugs in a role, it’s very hard to do without taking the drug at some stage in your life.”

Foster admits that he “lost [his] fucking marbles” off set while on the drugs, he explained “it isn’t something I’d recommend to fellow actors.”

O’Dowd was on a similar page, stating “I’m not advocating that you [should take drugs for a role], but I’m sure it probably wouldn’t hurt your performance. It might hurt you as a human being, but it would be silly to say that would not be a good way in to knowing [what it’s like]”.

The film, titled The Program premieres at TIFF this week, portrays Lance Armstrong’s complicated doping system. Using his biking teammates as cover, O’Dowd’s character aims to expose the biker for lying about his drug use.

You can check out the film on October 16th for it’s worldwide release.