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Ben Gibbard From Death Cab For Cutie Runs 50 Miles a Week

Ben Gibbard has been an indie rock mainstay for almost 20 years. The man has given us nine studio albums alone with Death Cab since ’97. Making music with Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service, Gibbard has endured the evolving trends of the fickle music industry, and even set a few of his own. When it comes to endurance however, music isn’t the only avenue for Ben.

Ben Gibbard is a runner, an avid one. For those who run avidly, it can be a religious-like experience. A break from the everyday stress where mind and body can find peace. It’s just the runner, body mechanics, the wandering mind, and an open road – or in the case of Gibbard, an open trail.

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Gibbard began running in 2007, after he quit drinking and has been dedicated ever since. How dedicated? He even brings a running partner on tour with him. He has his share of mishaps on the trail, the most recent and most serious being a broken hand suffered on a big run. When Death Cab for Cutie visited Indie88 recently for a Collective Arts Black Box Session, he was sporting the cast to prove it.

Listen to Ben Gibbard chat with Bookie about his most recent running injury >>


In an article published on running.competitor.com in March 2014, Gibbard talks about trail running as an important balancing point to his indie rock lifestyle.

“No matter what kind of ego boost I get from a cheering crowd, it won’t get me up the mountain the next day. It’s easy to understand how musicians become narcissists, but just because I play music doesn’t mean I’m a better person. Trail running bruises my ego, and I need that balance.”


He also discussed the distances he runs on a weekly basis, not matter where he finds himself – at home or on tour.

“My goal is to run about 50 miles a week. I do three 8- to 10-mile runs and then a longer one, usually three to four hours. Last year my buddy Nick Triolo came on tour as our wilderness/trail coordinator. He cased out trails and put together a training plan. When we tour, I definitely look for trail races to do.”

Watch Death Cab for Cutie perform in the Collective Arts Black Box:

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