Berczy Park’s Bizarre Dog Fountain Nearing Completion

27 ceramic dogs and one cat set to spout water

Toronto’s Berczy Park partially reopened to the public in December following a lengthy period of construction, and its wonderfully bizarre dog fountain is beginning to take shape. The park, located behind the iconic flatiron building at Front Street and Wellington Street, will feature 27 ceramic dogs and a single cat when it’s completed.

Water won’t flow from the fountain until the spring, but it will eventually provide a hydration fix for the estimated 2,000 canines that visit the park daily.

Here’s a look at the work in progress.

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“People were, at the beginning, very apprehensive to change the park,” architect Claude Cormier told CBC.

“We were very transparent. We explained what we were thinking of. We wanted to embrace the old Toronto but also embrace the new Toronto.”

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