Beroea Kitchen is Serving Authentic Syrian Food

Family cooking up authentic Syrian food on Dundas West

Situated beside Alexandra Park’s public pool on Dundas St West is Beroea Box, a passion project that was born out of the aspirations of a young Syrian couple on the brink of a new beginning in Canada.

Amir and Nour both relocated from Syria after their apartment was hit by a bomb. The two, along with their newborn daughter, moved to Canada in 2016 thanks to a private sponsorship program.

Prior to the Syrian war, Amir and Nour lived happily in Aleppo, one of the largest cities in Syria.

“[Life was normal] before the war. We [had] a [very social] community. We loved to go outside and listen to music. We loved food. The community was very great and we [didn’t even] think we would leave our country.”

After the war started, however, things changed practically overnight for the young couple.

“I chose to leave because I [didn’t want] to be part of any group that [fought] each other in Syria,” said Amir. “So I moved to Turkey, and then I moved to Canada.”

Amir also expressed his gratitude to the sponsorship program and the family that took his family in.

“They give us that feeling like we are one family.”

In fact, those who helped Amir’s family adjust to Canadian life were also the ones who suggested that he and Nour get into the food business.

“In our tradition, when anyone visits us, we cook food for them. So we always cook food for the Canadian people when they visit us. And they told us ‘why [don’t you do] that as a business?’”

Enter Beroea Box, Amir and Nour’s full-time family business that also exists as a catering company called Beroea Kitchen. Here, the two serve authentic Syrian street food to Canadians. In doing so they are able to combine their passion for food with their love for their home country.

For Amir, his favourite part of running a food business in Toronto is his daily interaction with customers.

“I’m so happy to hear from the customers. To be honest, it’s like 95 per cent [of the time] that people love the food, and we always ask for their feedback.”

Beroea Box can be found at 707 Dundas St West, on the southeast corner of Dundas and Bathurst. Visit their Facebook Page for daily updates.

Beroea Box is Serving Canadians Authentic Syrian Food

This family fled their home country of Syria and brought their cuisine to Canada

Posted by Indie88Toronto on Wednesday, September 13, 2017