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The Best Amusement Parks In Toronto (2023 Guide)

Toronto May As Well Be The Theme Park Capital Of Canada!

The best amusement parks in Toronto are so fascinating and thrilling that they’re also some of the best in the country… and maybe even the world..

From the variety of fun rides to the scenery and view around the parks, they’re the total package if you’re visiting Toronto and want to check out an amusement park.

The Best Amusement Parks In Toronto (2023 Guide)

best amusement parks in toronto

Taking a trip to amusement parks is not just for kids, it’s for “kids of all ages”. Amusement parks always wake up our inner child and so, it’s wonderful to adventure there from time to time.

If you’ve got the time for a fun, thrilling and breathtaking trip, here is a list of the best amusement parks in Toronto.

1) Canada’s Wonderland

best amusement parks in toronto
image: @canadaswonderland on Instagram

First on the list is one of the most magical amusement parts in Toronto, and possibly all of Canada.

With 200+ rides and attractions, one day will not be enough to enjoy everything this amusement park has to offer. They also decorate according to the seasons, so, it can get really festive and beautiful, especially during the Christmas season.

Make sure to contact them before planning your visit. It’s good to check the dates when they’re open, as they also have off-seasons.

2) Splash Island

best amusement parks in toronto
image: @jaygammy on Instagram

Splash Island definitely a place your kids will love! The best time to visit this amusement park is during the summer. Their most visited attraction here is the splash pad inside the Toronto Zoo.

If you have no plans on getting wet though, you can just walk around the zoo and enjoy the different animals and views. But it’s best to come prepared with a bathing suit in case you get wet from misting visitors running around the park.

3) Fantasy Fair

best amusement parks in toronto
image: @letsplaydurham on Instagram

This beautiful indoor amusement park is definitely going to be a fun-filled visit for you and your family.

Fantasy Fair is a 3-level park and plays village with a variety of rides and attractions you can enjoy with or without the kiddos. It’s open for children of all ages and they even have Groupon deals you can take advantage of.

4) Centreville Amusement Park

centerville amusement park
image: @centrevillefun on Instagram

Centreville amusement park is definitely one of the best amusement parks in Toronto. It’s filled with fun from the get-go.

This amusement park is located on an island and the Ferry trip is already an adventure in itself. The space is also not just an amusement park but also a zoo. So if you don’t feel like enjoying the rides, you are free to stroll around and just enjoy the view.

5) Adventure Village

best amusement parks in toronto
image: by Melody Pershad – Google reviews

This is a beautiful little amusement park in Toronto. Price-wise, this park is more affordable compared to the bigger parks mentioned above.

They have different sports activities for the kids like a mini golf course and wall climbing. Other fun activities to enjoy are bumper cars and the batting cages.

It’s also a perfect place to organize family day events because they have party rooms you can set up on.

Do Amusement Parks In Toronto Close In The Winter?

best amusement parks in toronto

Some of the amusement parks above are closed in select months of the year. If you’re planning to visit anytime soon, be sure to contact them first or check their websites to confirm their availability.

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