“We Might Be The Best Band in the Last Long Time” says Brandon Flowers

He's also working on music with New Order and keeps his shaved facial hair in a Ziploc bag

In a recent interview with The Independent, Brandon Flowers shared his thoughts on his band, The Killers, New Order, and his facial hair since Sam’s Town.

In a vote of confidence, Flowers said that the Nevada glam-rock band was the best in a while.

Whether the people want to accept it or not, we might be the best band in the last long time. I’d go up any night against just about any band that’s come out in the last 15 years. Not that it’s a competition, but I do feel sometimes people don’t have a grasp on what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve acquired. Everyone should come see The Killers! We’re more than just a New Wave revival thing.

He also revealed to The Independent‘s Craig McLean that he keeps his shaved facial hair in a Ziploc bag in his bathroom. Then, in the typically quirky Flowers manner, threatens offers to show him. He grew a beard for Sam’s Town, The Killers’ second album released in 2006, in an attempt to match their Americana/Springsteen vibe. Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys vocalized his concern, and Flowers took it. For Day & Age, released in 2008, he shaved his facial growth and returned to his baby-face self. But, he kept the shavings in a bag.

And I still do it. I have a Ziploc bag full of hair. I’ll grow five or six days growth, make sure that the sink is dry, use an electric razor, catch it in the sink, and then I’m able to just scoop it into the bag. It’s a lot of hair! But it’s compacted. And it doesn’t smell. It’s all black but about half way up you start to see some greys. I don’t know what to do with it yet. It means something.”

What, exactly, does it mean?

Well, Neil was dead-on with his observation,” says the famously Mormon singer. “And putting the hair in the bag has sort of become a ritual, I guess. It makes me think about where I stand. There’s always gonna be a part of me that is pop. And I shouldn’t forget that. That’s important. Because there’s nothing wrong with pop. So I keep this bag in a drawer by my sink in the bathroom.

The interview also revealed that he may, potentially, be featured on a New Order track. There have also been rumours that he would be featured on some new Duran Duran tunes.

Though The Killers may be quiet for the time being, Flowers still stays busy solo – and still has faith in his band.

Check out his latest release “Lonely Town” below and catch him at WayHome this summer.