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These Are The Best Bike Shops In Toronto (Based On You)

Toronto Is Absolutely Full Of Bike Shops, Which One Do I Pick?

Bike shops in Toronto abound… so how do you know which one is going to be best for what you need? We’ve prepared this article for you so you can gauge what’s going to help you meet your biking needs in Toronto.

Whether you’re a competitor looking to keep your fancy bike in tip-top race shape, or just a casual rider looking to toodle around town, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the best bike shops Toronto has available, based on you!

The Best Bike Shops In Toronto – Based On You

1) D’Ornellas Bike Shop – For Those Looking To Compete

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Image: @dornellasbikeshop on Instagram

D’Ornellas Bike Shop takes cycling seriously. That’s why it’s one of the bike shops Toronto loves… especially if you’re a competitor or a dedicated enthusiast. This high-end shop offers mountain, road, and hybrid bikes for all ages. They also have a great selection of apparel and gear. And last but certainly not least they have a dedicated team of bike-lovers who will fix your ride for you and get things rolling smoothly.

2) Dismount Bike Shop – Best For Any Type Of Ride

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Image: @dismount_to on Instagram

Dismount Bike Shop has knowledgeable staff and a fantastic selection of products. As far as bike shops in Toronto go, this one offers services and supplies for a lot of different ages and abilities. Because of this, they’re the best for any type of riding that you may do. The owners are involved in the company and the goings-on and they even offer a free drip coffee if you’re getting your bike fixed.

3) Fix Coffee + Bikes – Best For Casual Riders

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Image: @fixcoffeebikes on Instagram

As far as concept shops go, this one takes gold with bike shops in Toronto. Get your bike fixed, and get your fix all at the same time; Fix Coffee and Bikes is passionate and well-equipped. They serve classic coffee beverages in a bright, modern cafe. They also offer a pick-up / drop-off service for bike repairs to keep you riding strong all season long.

4) KB Bicycle Shop – Great For Sticking To A Budget

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Image: Google Maps

The technicians at KB Bicycle shop in Markham are friendly and experienced. Their rates are fair, and because of this, it’s a great shop for a fair rate on your repairs. They put both used and new parts to work in their repair service, and also sell refurbished bikes of high quality. Further, if you’re looking to make some extra cash and you have a bike in the garage you’re not using, take it in to KB, they also do trade-in.

5) Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop – Best For City Riders

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Image: @sweetpetesbikeshop on Instagram

Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop is a vibrant, locally-owned bike shop for new bikes, plus parts and apparel. They also offer repairs and rentals, so you can really get everything you need here as far as bike shops in Toronto go. The service is top-tier, and they can help you with a city-rider if that’s your thing. Plus, their shop dog is worth visiting the store just because of cuteness.

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