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The 9 Best Breakfast Spots In Downtown Toronto [2024]

Kickstart Your Day: Toronto’s Downtown Breakfast Gems

In Toronto’s bustling downtown, the best breakfast awaits early risers, promising to kickstart their day with a hearty and satisfying meal. From cozy diners exuding nostalgic charm to modern eateries serving up innovative brunch creations, the breakfast scene in downtown Toronto caters to every palate and preference.

Whether you crave a classic breakfast of eggs and bacon in a retro-style diner setting or prefer to indulge in artisanal avocado toast or gourmet French toast, downtown Toronto has something for everyone. Beyond the food, these breakfast spots offer an experience—a chance to start your day on the right foot, surrounded by the buzz of the city and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

The 9 Best Breakfast Spots In Downtown Toronto


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Here’s a list of our favs:

1) Evviva Breakfast and Lunch

Evviva, open daily at 7am, offers a vibrant haven for morning delights and convivial gatherings. With a dedication to freshness, their breakfast fare bursts with flavour, complemented by signature brunch cocktails. Since 2010, Evviva has championed affordable excellence, blending high-quality cuisine with an inviting ambience. From locally-sourced eggs to freshly squeezed mimosas, each dish is crafted with care. Takeout services on weekdays ensure their delectable offerings are accessible beyond their charming locale.

2) Eggspectation

Founded in Montreal in 1993, Eggspectation is all about kitchen ingenuity and delightful breakfast encounters. From the moment you enter, the air is alive with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the anticipation of a fulfilling meal. Their extensive breakfast menu boasts artisanal brioche French toast, fluffy pancakes, and savoury omelettes, ensuring there’s a dish to tantalize every palate. Combined with a lively atmosphere and attentive service, Eggspectation delivers a breakfast experience that exceeds expectations, beckoning patrons to return time and again.

3) The George Street Diner

George Street Diner, renowned as a filming hotspot for movies and TV, epitomizes the classic diner experience in Toronto. With its retro art deco vibe, it’s a haven for lovers of traditional breakfast fare. Indulge in their famous Irish breakfast, featuring eggs, sausages, and the iconic soda bread. With its nostalgic ambience and mouthwatering menu, George Street Diner promises a memorable dining experience.

4) Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade, a beloved breakfast spot once located on Queen East and now thriving on Broadview since 2018, offers a delightful array of globally-inspired breakfast favourites. With a bright and inviting atmosphere, patrons can savour classics like eggs Benedict alongside innovative dishes such as cheddar and spinach waffles. From their signature hollandaise-topped bennys to hearty hashes, Lady Marmalade promises a satisfying start to any day in Toronto.

5) Siempre Breakfast & Lunch


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Siempre Restaurant delights patrons with delicious dishes crafted from fresh, organic ingredients. Catering to both kids and adults, they prioritize quality and offer enticing vegan options. Since its establishment in 2018, Siempre has embodied innovation and memorable dining experiences. Their diverse menu spans from artisanal French toast to savoury seafood dishes, reflecting a commitment to fresh, modern American cuisine. With a focus on service and culinary excellence, Siempre continues to captivate diners with its “breakfasty” charm.

6) Sunset Grill

Founded in 1985 by Angelo Christou in Toronto’s Beaches area, Sunset Grill has become Ontario’s go-to spot for exceptional breakfast and lunch. With a steadfast commitment to freshness embodied in their motto “Fresh is Tastiest™,” Sunset Grill has garnered a devoted following over the past 30 years. Their 5-star inspired food preparation methods ensure that quality is never compromised, offering a menu cooked fresh to order without deep frying. Whether it’s their famous bacon and eggs breakfast or their flagship Sunset Burgers for lunch, Sunset Grill promises an experience you can rely on.

7) OEB Breakfast Co.


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OEB, established in 2009 by Chef Mauro Martina, redefines breakfast with passion and creativity. Rooted in Chef Mauro’s Italian upbringing, OEB blends familiar classics with unique, unreplicatable fare. With a focus on connection and food integrity, OEB sources fresh, seasonal ingredients and fosters meaningful relationships with farmers. Their vision supports growth and education, while their values prioritize outstanding people, embracing evolution, and bold food integrity, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience at every turn.

8) The Morning After

The Morning After, an essential brunch destination, offers a vibrant array of dishes sure to satisfy any craving. From savory smoked meat breakfast sandwiches to indulgent French toast, pancake, and waffle platters, every bite is a delight. Don’t miss out on their creative cereal lattes for a nostalgic sip. With a commitment to fresh ingredients and inventive cuisine, The Morning After promises a brunch experience worth dreaming about all week long.

9) Patrician Grill


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Since 1967, The Patrician Grill has been a beloved fixture,  serving up traditional homemade fare. Despite changes over the years, the cozy booths and vintage countertop maintain an authentic diner vibe. Following Louie and Helen Papas’ legacy, son Terry Papas and brother-in-law Chris Slifkas continue to uphold the tradition of hearty meals and friendly service. With comfort food and a welcoming atmosphere, The Patrician Grill is a spot where customers feel like family.

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