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These Are The Best Breweries In Toronto (Based On Your Favourite Style Of Beer)

Toronto Loves Beer (Here’s The Proof)

The best breweries in Toronto were hard to choose because there are so many amazing breweries in Toronto!

Seriously. Toronto loves its beer, and with more than 70 craft breweries to choose from, you’ll be drinking good beer for weeks. Maybe months? Depends on if it’s the holidays or not, I suppose.

The independent hop-houses popping up all over the city means that breweries in Toronto are showing more growth than most sectors of the food and beverage industry.

Let’s explore six of the best watering holes in Toronto.

The 6 Best Breweries In Toronto

1) Left Field Brewery

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Image: @leftfieldbrewery on Instagram

Wow, that beer came out of Left Field.

Can you imagine how many times those words have been spoken within their walls? This brewery in Toronto does not serve food, and they focus all their energy on making great beer. It’s dog friendly, you can order takeout to their tables, and the staff are friendly as heck. Sounds good to us.

2) Avling

breweries toronto
Image: @avlingto on Instagram

This locally sourced menu of amazing beer will make you wonder why you’d ever order an international brand of beer again. They also serve up creative food, with an emphasis on local offerings. Avling is particularly proud of the pastel hues that make up their interior… the aesthetic is very pleasing.

3) Blood Brothers Brewing

breweries toronto
Image: @bloodbrothersbrewing on Instagram

Blood Brothers is a chic industrial taproom with a super cool patio. You can swig one of their delicious beers, and also enjoy pub-style dishes with flair. Fun fact: Their Fizz Royale beer uses nitro beer gas instead of Co2. Because of this, you need to shake the can fiercely before serving, otherwise it will come out flat.

4) Junction Craft Brewing

breweries toronto
Image: @jcdrinksbeer on Instagram

If you need fresh beer, Junction Craft has you covered. This brewery taproom, patio, and retail shop is a renovated heaven for a different brewery experience. Staff are friendly and fast, and there are lots of seating options. Go early, it’s busy.

5) Saulter Street Brewery

breweries toronto
Image: @saulterstreetbrewery on Instagram

This barn-ish building houses one of the best breweries in Toronto. There’s also a bottle shop to browse, great music and good food. You can take small trials of the beer at Saulter Street to see which one you’d prefer. Definitely worth a visit in Queen St. East and Leslieville area!

6) Black Lab Brewing

breweries toronto
Image: @blacklabbeer on Instagram

At Black Lab Brewing, there isn’t a frown in sight. They have good vibes, great beers, and many friendly dogs and owners relaxing and hanging out. Their distinct craft flavours, as well as the casual, friendly vibe, will have you coming back for more.

Don’t Forget To Bring Your Designated Driver!

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Image: @bellwoodsbeer on Instagram

Friends don’t let friends to to breweries and drive. Make sure you bring along that friend of yours that’s toying with sobriety… there are lots of non-alcoholic drinks available at breweries these days.

Be safe, and if you don’t have a designated driver just call an Uber or catch a cab. You’ll be so glad you did.

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