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The Best Burgers In Vancouver (5 Places You Shouldn’t Miss)

Take A Bite Out Of Vancouver’s Best Comfort Food

If you’re on the hunt for the best burger Vancouver has to offer, you’re in luck. This list is where culinary craftsmanship meets comfort. Further, you can sink your teeth into juicy patties nestled in soft buns, capturing the essence of Vancouver’s diverse food scene.

From traditional renditions to modern twists, these eateries master the art of blending quality ingredients for an unforgettable burger experience. Whether you crave classic flavors or innovative combinations, Vancouver’s burger havens promise a savoury journey that embodies the essence of satisfying comfort food.

The Best Burgers In Vancouver

best burger Vancouver
Image: @blazegourmetburgers on Instagram

1) The Cannibal Café

best burger Vancouver
Image: @cannibalcafeyvr on Instagram

The Cannibal Cafe stands out with some of Vancouver’s best burgers due to its unique concept. With a playful twist, you can “be the special of the day,” enjoying delectable beef burgers, classic milkshakes, and an authentic rock and roll diner ambiance.

Open daily, they invite you to savour House Specialty Burgers or unleash your creativity by building your own. The diverse beverage selection, including local brews and cocktails, complements the experience. However, whether you’re at the bar, in a cozy booth, or a communal table, you’ll be comfortable at this prime eatery on The Drive.

2) Pourhouse

best burger Vancouver
Image: @pourhouse on Instagram

Pourhouse Restaurant boasts one of Vancouver’s top burgers, featuring a unique blend of dry-aged Cache Creek beef, aged cheddar, and pork belly. Customizable toppings like foie gras, a fried egg, and crispy chicken skin elevate the experience. Visit at 162 Water Street for some of the best burgers in Vancouver.

3) Hundy

best burger Vancouver
Image: @hundyburger on Instagram

Hundy secures its spot among Vancouver’s best burgers with its standalone location in Yaletown. Formerly within Their There, Hundy’s captivating vibes and atmosphere complement its irresistible burger.

The menu’s simple yet perfected combination of beef, pickles, cheese, and Hundy sauce delivers a taste worth savoring repeatedly. Find it at 1144 Homer Street.

4) Between 2 Buns

best burger Vancouver
Image: @between2bunsburgers on Instagram

Between 2 Buns, stationed at 105 E Pender in Chinatown, crafts irresistible smashed patty burgers and fries. Open Thursday to Sunday, 4 to 8 pm, this food stand has secured a devoted following with its delectable offerings. Without a doubt, they offer some of the best burgers in Vancouver.

5) DownLow Burgers

best burger Vancouver
Image: @downlowburgers on Instagram

DownLow excels in handheld delights, with The Americana stealing the show. Further, anchored by a dry-aged beef patty, this creation boasts special sauce, lettuce, cheddar cheese, onions, and pickles on a Livia bun. Your cravings for the best burger in Vancouver will find satisfaction at 926 Main Street.

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