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The Best Coffee In Vancouver For Those Looking To Rise Early

Pull Up And Refuel At One Of Vancouver’s Best Coffee Spots

Nestled within Vancouver’s vibrant streets, you’ll find the best coffee in Vancouver, just awaiting your discovery.

Locals and visitors alike can easily pull up and immerse themselves in a diverse caffeine culture. From cozy corners exuding rustic charm to modern hubs with an artistic twist, each venue offers a unique refuelling experience.

Further, the city’s best coffee spots boast a symphony of aromas, from rich espresso to delicate pour-overs, paired with an array of delectable treats. These havens not only cater to coffee enthusiasts but also beckon those seeking respite, promising a taste of Vancouver’s dynamic spirit… through coffee.

The Best Coffee In Vancouver

best coffee in Vancouver
Image: @kafkascoffeetea on Instagram

1) Nemesis Coffee

best coffee in Vancouver
Image: @angie_lsy7 on Instagram

Indulge in exquisite pastries through pre-order at Nemesis Coffee in Vancouver. You can savour Dope Bakehouse’s delights, like the Tiramisu Croissant and Blueberry Pavlova. Pick up from Gastown, GNW, or Polygon locations, and remember their unique guidelines: “DO NOT LEAVE A SINGLE CRUMB • DO NOT USE UTENSILS • NEVER EAT ALONE • SHARE ALWAYS.”

They’ll meet your cravings, no doubt about that.

2) Pallet Coffee Roasters

best coffee in Vancouver
Image: @palletcoffee on Instagram

Pallet Coffee Roasters, established in 2014 in East Vancouver, passionately delivers exceptional coffee experiences to its community.

With 7 Metro Vancouver locations, their delectable coffee creations are a testament to their commitment. Evolving from a local roaster to a versatile coffee haven, Pallet blends quality, community, and delicious flavours seamlessly. Because of this, they have some of the best coffee in Vancouver.

3) Soon Coffee

best coffee in Vancouver
Image: @discoverwithdk on Instagram

Soon Coffee is a labor of love from coffee enthusiasts who’ve immersed themselves in the craft. Born from a desire to share their passion, they’ve curated a menu of approachable, smooth, and chocolatey coffees.

Further, they’re sourced sustainably from dedicated producers worldwide. Because of this, each cup embodies their dedication to quality. The cafe’s friendly atmosphere and simplified menu make enjoying coffee effortless, while affordable prices ensure great coffee for all.

Soon Coffee’s mission transcends the cup, fostering a community united by the joy of specialty coffee.

4) Le Marché St. George

best coffee in Vancouver
Image: @lemarchestgeorge on Instagram

Le Marché St. George serves some of the best coffee Vancouver has to offer. A diverse haven where people gather, it’s a café, a store, and a cherished home. Because they’re all about authentic connections, they bring in local musicians, and other talent to bond over.

With artisan delights, phenomenal coffee, and a spirit of creation, it’s an artist’s haven. Amidst pottery, linens, and picnics, this lovely shop is an embrace of community, family, and love stories. Plus, their coffee is bomb.

5) Birds & the Beets

best coffee in Vancouver
Image: @sc___life on Instagram

The Birds & The Beets, a serene café nestled in Vancouver, invites with its laid-back ambiance and exposed-brick surroundings. Beyond its artistic appeal, it serves inventive breakfast and lunch options alongside its signature coffee creations.

The cleverly named café’s cozy atmosphere complements its imaginative dishes. Because of this, it’s a haven for those seeking a delightful coffee vibe.

6) Propaganda Coffee

best coffee in Vancouver
Image: @nhunghelenn on Instagram

Propaganda Coffee, located at 209 E. Pender Street in Vancouver, stands out for its exceptional coffee offerings. With carefully selected filter coffees from roasters like Phil & Sebastian, Monogram, and Transcend, as well as captivating espresso blends from Pilot and Phil & Sebastian, they elevate the coffee experience.

The café’s relaxed vibe, combined with its commitment to quality, makes it a go-to spot for Vancouver coffee lovers.

7) Coffee Roastery Modus

best coffee in Vancouver
Image: @seenjpn on Instagram

Modus Coffee, located at 112 W Broadway in Vancouver, is a must-visit for coffee aficionados. Their cool and curated menu features items like the “Çılbır” with grass-fed yogurt, house-cured trout gravlax toast, and the enticing Yuzu avo toast.

Open weekdays 8 AM – 4 PM and weekends 8 AM – 5 PM, Modus offers an exceptional coffee experience that’s both delicious and stylish.

8) Prototype Coffee

best coffee in Vancouver
Image: @m_vancouver_ on Instagram

Prototype Coffee is not your average coffee shop – it’s a reimagined space where coffee becomes an art. Embracing diversity, they offer over 14 different coffees sourced meticulously from around the world.

What sets them apart is their innovative approach to roasting, with small Aillio Bullet R1 roasters on display, ensuring transparency and a lean production process. This commitment to quality extends to their scratch-made waffle donuts and bottled drinks, making Prototype an inventive coffee destination.

9) Caffe La Tana

best coffee in Vancouver
Image: @caffelatana on Instagram

La Tana serves some of the best coffee in Vancouver due to its authentic Italian commitment to quality. Inspired by neighbourhood shops in Italy, La Tana offers a unique and classy experience. From morning espresso and pastries to fresh pasta crafted right before your eyes, it encapsulates the essence of Italian cuisine.

It’s a place where tradition, passion, and flavour come together seamlessly.

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