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Best Hiking Trails To Wall Street In Bryce Canyon

The iconic Navajo Loop Trail has breathtaking views and some of the most fascinating rock formations you’ll ever see. This hike is one to add to the bucket list if you’re traveling around and want to check out Wall Street Bryce Canyon.

If you love hiking, and you’re headed to Bryce Canyon National Park, you’ll definitely want to pack some supplies and give it your time!

Visiting The Wall Street Trail in Bryce Canyon 

Despite its name, Bryce Canyon is not a canyon at all. It’s actually a collection of giant natural amphitheaters along the eastern side of the Paunsaugunt Plateau.

You have a sublime experience to look forward to if you decide to add this hike to your plans in southern Utah. Wall Street is Bryce Canyon’s only slot canyon and one of the most breathtaking corners of an already stunning hike!

Bryce Canyon hike
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How To Hike To Wall Street: A Tale Of Two Trails

To get to Wall Street in Bryce Canyon, you’ll start from either the Navajo Loop Trailhead at Sunset Point, or from the Queen’s Garden Trailhead at Sunrise Point.

From the research that I’ve done, it seems that the Navajo Loop option is the most popular. If you choose this route, you’ll descend into Wall Street toward the beginning of your hike.

However, if you choose the other route, you’ll climb out of Wall Street toward the end of your hike.

Wall Street is a very specific and beautiful part of the Navajo Loop, and it’s one of two ways to climb in and out of the canyon. The other way you’ll find to climb out of the canyon is Two Bridges trail.

Wall Street Bryce canyon
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Hiking The Navajo Loop Trail (overview)

As you begin the hike into Bryce Canyon along the Navajo Loop trail, you’ll reach a fork in the road within a few minutes. Once you leave Sunset Point, the fork in the road will point you to the right for Wall Street. You can also choose to go to the left, for the Two Bridges trail.

How Long Is The Navajo Loop Trail (brief general hike info)

One of the most recommended ways to hike to Wall Street is by starting with Navajo Loop. The difference here is that you’ll descent into Wall Street rather than climb up it. The views looking down into the slot canyon will be in front of you for the entire hike, which makes it a more visually stunning option.

The Navajo Loop Trail extends 1.5 miles, starting and ending at Sunset Point. You’ll have an ascent/descent of 550 feet. Most people take about 1-2 hours to complete the loop. This of course will depend on how often you stop to take in the breathtaking view, and take pictures of this incredible experience!

Wall Street Bryce Canyon
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Hiking The Queens Garden Trail

For a longer hike, you can continue onto the Queen’s Garden Loop. Fascinating rock formations along this popular path will include Gulliver’s Castle, the Queen’s Castle, and Queen Elizabeth herself, a rock formation that rises 50 feet west of the junction at the end of the trail.

How Long Is The Queens Garden Trail

The Queens Garden Trail will add about a .9 mile distance to your route. This option drops about 320 feet below the canyon rim. Although this one is not a loop, you can loop back up to the rim by combining a connecting trail with either branch of the Navajo Loop.

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