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The Best Izakaya In Toronto (Our Top 5 Spots)

What Is Japanese Izakaya?

An izakaya is a casual Japanese pub where people gather to enjoy a variety of small dishes and drinks. The menu includes hot and cold appetizers, skewered grilled items, sashimi, and more, often shared among diners. The best izakaya Toronto has to offer will be fun and delicious.

Further, the atmosphere is relaxed, with a focus on socializing. Customers can choose from a selection of alcoholic beverages like beer, sake, and cocktails. Operating late into the night, izakayas are popular spots for post-work outings and late-night gatherings. They offer a mix of traditional and modern dishes, fostering a communal dining experience and bringing together a diverse range of patrons.

What Does Izakaya Entail?

best izakaya toronto
Image: @ronin.izakaya on Instagram

Izakaya embodies an informal Japanese pub concept, presenting an array of small, shareable dishes and beverages. The selection includes appetizers, skewered delicacies, sashimi, and more.

In addition to the food, the ambiance promotes a laid-back social experience. An assortment of alcoholic drinks such as beer, sake, and cocktails are on offer. With extended hours, izakayas are favoured for after-work gatherings.

The menu harmonizes traditional and contemporary offerings, fostering a communal dining vibe that attracts a varied clientele. It’s a haven for relaxation, culinary enjoyment, and convivial mingling. Yes, we just said convivial.

The Best Izakaya In Toronto (Our Top 5 Spots)

best izakaya toronto
Image: @katemmto on Instagram

#1) Kintaro Izakaya

best izakaya toronto
Image: @kintarotoronto on Instagram

Kintaro Izakaya in Toronto is a vibrant Japanese pub known for its diverse menu of small, flavorful dishes and drinks. With its casual ambiance, it offers a communal dining experience.

From sushi to sake, it captures the essence of an authentic izakaya, inviting patrons to savour Japanese flavours in a lively setting.

#2) Yuugi Izakaya

best izakaya toronto
Image: @yuugi.izakaya on Instagram

Yuugi Izakaya in Toronto welcomes guests with its playful name—”Yuugi” meaning play. Embracing the spirit of a samurai, it offers a rich izakaya atmosphere. Further, they have a blend of local ingredients, diverse cooking techniques, and a cultural fusion.

Yuugi Izakaya promises a unique Japanese dining experience that’s both spirited and delightful.

#3) Guu Izakaya

best izakaya toronto
Image: @guu_izakaya on Instagram

Introducing Toronto’s sole Guu Izakaya, situated on bustling Queen Street in the West Parkdale Community. Because of their mission to reflect Parkdale’s emphasis on “community and bonding,” Guu Izakaya offers genuine Japanese fare, unique beverages, and the signature Guu atmosphere.

Further, the menu showcases beloved Guu items alongside daily specials. Because of this, we encourage you to experience this culinary gem. Irasshaimase!

#4) Kinka Izakaya Original

best izakaya toronto
Image: @kinkaizakayato on Instagram

KINKA IZAKAYA, a renowned izakaya-style eatery established in 2009 in downtown Toronto, embodies the Japanese pub culture. Known for its vibrant ambiance, it offers an authentic experience.

However, this restaurant serves far more than just sushi. Guests can further explore a variety of traditional and modern shared dishes, including daily specials. With a diverse beverage selection, KINKA IZAKAYA truly captures the izakaya philosophy. Because of this, they are harmonizing tapas-style cuisine with premium Japanese sake, craft beers, and cocktails. For sure some of the best izakaya Toronto has to offer.

#5) Gonzo Izakaya

best izakaya toronto
Image: @gonzo_izakaya_ on Instagram

Introducing Gonzo World, a place where Toronto meets nostalgic Tokyo. Because of their mission to revive the vibrant scenes of Tokyo, they’ve set out to provide guests an unforgettable experience through top-tier cuisine and service. Enter Gonzo World and embark on a memorable journey of flavours and hospitality.

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