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The 6 Best Mexican Restaurants In Toronto (Vegetarian And Gluten-Free Options)

Toronto Is Full Of Accommodating Mexican Restaurants

If you’re looking for the best Mexican restaurant Toronto has to offer, you’re in for a treat… and a taco. Toronto has some outstanding Mexican offerings. From traditional and more ‘fancy’ to super raw, hip, and ‘funky’, the options for the best Mexican food in Toronto will leave you wanting more. More sun, more tacos, and more margaritas.

The best thing about these restaurants is that their hospitality extends into the accessibility of their food. Many of them offer gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian dishes as well. They’re ready to make your dish to order, so no matter what special diet you’re following, you’ll likely be able to eat well at one of these amazing restaurants!


The 6 Best Mexican Restaurants In Toronto

1) Campechano

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Image: @campechano_to on Instagram

You can’t go wrong when a Mexican restaurant makes their own tortillas. This laid-back, bright space serves tacos and quesadillas that will amaze your tastebuds. True to the traditions of Mexico, the flavours here are delightful, and the drinks are really well made with quality ingredients. Try the fish taco… it’s one of the best parts of their menu.

2) Como En Casa

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Image: @comoencasatoronto on Instagram

Como En Casa is a tiny Mexican canteen that serves up tacos, stews, delicious burritos, and some really substantial dinner plates. You’ll want to try the horchata, and something with pork, as those seem to be their specialty and they do them exceptionally well. Of course, the hot sauce is home made. Love that!

3) El Charro

mexican restaurant toronto
Image: @elcharrotoronto on Instagram

El Charro is some of the best Mexican food in Toronto. The food is amazing, the service friendly, and the drinks super tasty. The pork and pineapple tacos are worth the trip alone to this funky little restaurant. Even the staff seem happy to be there. This place is true Mexican in Toronto.

4) Fonda Lola Mexican Bistro

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Image: @fondalola on Instagram

Fonda Lola is a compact cantina with salvaged decor which makes it even more authentic. They put an inventive spin on Mexican cuisine and margaritas, and the flavours that they’ve refined in their food are next level. The drinks, according to clientele, are “perfect” which is always a good adjective to describe a margarita. The prices are fair and the service is solid at this great Mexican restaurant in Toronto.

5) La Carnita

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Image: @la_carnita on Instagram

La Carnita is one of the best Mexican restaurants Toronto has to offer. They’re hip and fun, and they also have five locations to choose from. With creative tacos and craft beer served in an edgy space, the graffiti goes perfectly. You’ll enjoy all the elements of this well-thought-out experience, from the vibe to the art, and everything in between the tortillas.

6) Mad Mexican Restaurant

mexican restaurant toronto
Image: @thesaucycookbookaddict on Instagram

This casual, simple kitchen serves up classic tacos and beer. They also sell their salsa and guacamole retail, which is a hit with customers who love to make their food at home. Mad Mexican is a hit all around: they have amazing service, fantastic food, a great atmosphere, and even good prices!

Viva Mexico!

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