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The Best Museums In Ontario You Should Visit In The New Year

Ontario Is A Cultural Hot Spot

Ontario is one of the most culturally rich and dynamic spots in the world. It is so natural  and diverse, you’d almost see colours when you look at it on the map. Nature itself shows natural diversity here in Ontario, with its lakes, lush forests, and beautiful parks.

This is the beauty of living in Ontario. If you are looking to immerse yourself in multicultural history and influence, this is the perfect place to visit.

There Is Something For Everyone

Best museums in Ontario
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Ontario offers such a diverse culture where everyone is welcome. Whether it be in fashion, cuisines, and festivities, you’ll find that you’ve got something to enjoy and celebrate here.

This diversity is greatly shown in some of the best museums in Ontario.

Let’s check them out!

The Best Museums In Ontario You Should Visit In The New Year

Best museums in Ontario
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Did you know that there are approximately 700 museums found in Ontario? Some of them are probably permanently closed now (that’s sad though). However, this shows how much culture and history this fabulous city holds.

Let’s dive in and check out the best museums in Ontario we’ve found to date.

1) Royal Ontario Museum

Best museums in Ontario
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This word class museum found along Queenspark is one of the biggest museums in North America and is currently the largest in Canada. And Royal Ontario Museum is definitely regal!

It has the largest collection of historical artifacts and world culture galleries. It even has a section for dinosaurs!

Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum is definitely one of the most unforgettable experiences you’ll ever have. People of all ages can definitely enjoy this culturally grand and wonderful place.

2) Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada

Best museums in Ontario
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This beautiful cultural structure built along Sterling Road holds mesmerizing, multicultural, and contemporary art pieces. These pieces are done in a wide range of mediums, some in photos, paintings, sculptures, and other mixed media.

You can also enjoy their first-floor display for free or pay for the other-level displays for a more immersive experience.

3) MZTV Museum of Television

Best museums in Ontario
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This historical museum along Jefferson Avenue is a unique one. Can you guess what historical pieces are displayed inside the MZTV Museum of Television? You might have just got it right!

MZTV Museum of Television focuses on the history of television and its technology. And the museum currently has over 10,000 fascinating displays.

Strolling through the museum is like traveling back in time through the history of television. If you’re a geek, you’d probably enjoy this!

4) Museum of Ontario Archaeology

Best museums in Ontario
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The Museum of Ontario Archaeology is currently located on land owned by the Attawandaron people. This museum features the history and life of the indigenous people in different generations. Additionally, they feature artifacts that belonged to the indigenous tribes collected during archaeological excavations.

Aside from the displays, the museum also offers summer camps for teens and kids. These camps aim to teach the kids the history of the indigenous people and other historical topics.

You can also visit their virtual reality room which is breathtaking!

5) Bata Shoe Museum

Best museums in Ontario
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The name sounds quirky, doesn’t it? Well, maybe that’s because it’s truly unique.

Bata Shoe Museum features history through the feet (or shoes) of those who walked through it. To say it more clearly, their display shows 4,500 years of footwear history.

You might think, “what’s so interesting about footwear?”. What’s interesting is that as you walk through their displays, you will see and understand the evolution of footwear.

And through this, you might just see a glimpse of how our ancestors walked the walk and talked the talk. (And yes, pun is totally intended!)

6) Hockey Hall Of Fame

Best museums in Ontario
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You’ve probably guessed what this museum is all about as you looked at its name, right?

And you’re right. This spacious museum holds nothing but hockey memorabilia, showing the history of hockey from way back 1890s to the present, including the Stanley cup.

Aside from walking down Hockey Memory Lane, there are also a lot of interactive games and sections that everyone will enjoy.

7) Thunder Bay Art Gallery

Best museums in Ontario
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This not-so-big but incredible art gallery is special. All throughout Northern Ontario, this is the only museum that features contemporary works of indigenous artists.

Their displays include an exhibition of cradleboards, incredible and ingenious bead works, and Pow Wow regalia.

Its amazing pieces are truly interesting. And to top it all, you can also view these incredible exhibitions for free during their free admission – pay-what-you-can Wednesdays.


Best museums in Ontario
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You won’t regret checking out this interactive museum. It’s not just a historical museum. It’s more like a “really cool and amazing things to interact with” museum.

Although it’s primarily created for children, you’re surely going to enjoy going through and interacting with the cool displays. It’s like your high school science fair but cooler!

This is definitely one of the best museums in Ontario worth visiting.

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