Best Netflix Shows To Binge-watch

Netflix, and repeat

With spring (and summer!) on the horizon, Torontonians will soon be dusting themselves off and heading outdoors. Before the great thaw hits our streets, take some time and hole up inside for Netflix’s latest offering of must-binge TV.


This gritty, critically acclaimed drama chronicles the life and times of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, and the American DEA agent who is sent to Colombia to kill him. Lushly filmed and superbly acted, spend the weekend with this new series and binge on cocaine—without the cocaine.


The Rayburns are a relatively mild-mannered family operating a waterfront hotel in the Florida Keys. When a close relative—with a lot of baggage—returns home, he brings with him a litany of chaos that threatens to unravel the ties that bind. Another great cast, and cinematographer, make this season a must-see.


Judd Apatow is back, tackling his trademark fascination with the hot-girl/not-so-hot guy trope, with hilarious results. Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust are perfect as the lovelorn couple in question, navigating through the seamy underbelly of dating—both above, and below, one’s means.

Chelsea Does…

Love her or loathe her, the outspoken Chelsea Handler, having recently forfeited her late-night talk show, embarks on a new comedic journey, investigating a litany of real world issues in this revealing—and funny—documentary series. Filmed in four, hour-long episodes, this binge is perfect for one lazy afternoon.

F is for Family

Created by comedian Bill Burr, and written by Michael Price (The Simpsons), this animated series follows the Murphys, a lower-middle class Irish family living in pre-politically correct 1970s America. The first season—just six episodes so far—premiered in December to glowing reviews.

W/ Bob and David

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross return to sketch comedy glory in this hilarious newseries that harkens back to the genius late 90s HBO classic Mr. Show with Bob and David. Though times have changed, the writing—and timing—is just as fresh.

Fuller House

Everywhere you look…people are talking about this revamped 90s TGIF classic. From the absent Olsen twins, to Carly Rae Jepsen’s cover of the iconic theme song, the return of the loveable Tanner family is a momentous occasion for millennials—and, chances are, you’ve already binged. So, why not go again?


If its pure schlock and cheese you’re looking for, best check out this slasher series, adapted for the small screen from the iconic films. Currently airing on MTV, the gore is paltry by comparison, but still a decent excuse for nighttime bingeing.


The Mindy Project

Though not technically a new series, the fate of Mindy Kaling’s quirky comedy has been somewhat up in the air since it was removed from FOX after only three seasons. Rescued by Hulu in the US, you can now find the complete series (including season four) on Netflix.